by Dr. Roberta A. Isleib

On a Wednesday afternoon in late June, the police are called to the Clinton Country Club. They find the body of the club president, Hacker McDuff, just outside the shattered glass pro shop door. The cops speculate Hacker died from a blow to the head but they can¹t find the weapon. Several club members and staff gather around the scene of the crime hysterical and shell-shocked.
         "That was meant for me," blubbers golf pro Sammy Swingwell. "I never saw it coming because I was at the computer."
         "I just saw McDuff at the practice area. Your lesson yesterday on getting out of the rough didn¹t seem to help at all," agrees club champion Ina Ruff. "I think he had it in for you."
         "McDuff did have a knack for making trouble," says club champion runner-up Anita Parr. "Last night he pushed a resolution through the Board to have pesticides applied only on ladies' day."
         "Can we move the corpse before the ladies finish lunch?" asks club manager Sandy Green. "The assistant pro gave out the first and second place trophies already and the third and fourth place winners will be down here
any minute to spend their pro shop credit."
         "Maybe they can all go in together and buy a half a golf shirt," mutters Anita Parr.
         "What's all this writing on the wall?" asks Detective Hooker.
Your job is to use the clues here and out on the golf course to figure out what happened to Hacker McDuff, and to identify both the killer and the weapon. Good luck!

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All Design, Graphics, Infrastructure, and Content is copyright 2004 Roberta Isleib. All rights reserved.

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