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Roberta Isleib, Author of the
Cassandra Burdette Golf Mystery Series


Dear Readers,

Cassie and I are delighted that you've checked in! Hope you have a chance to check out FINAL FORE. This takes place at the bucolic Mt. Holyoke College campus, where Cassie's steeling her nerves for the US Open. Read the first chapter here.

We (Cassie and I) had an amazing spring--there was a wonderful article about the golf mysteries in the May 8 issue of Sports Illustrated. And July/August issue of Golf for Women contains my essay on writing, creating Cassie's character, and golf, of course.

Finally, stay tuned for the first installment of my new series featuring a psychologist/advice columnist--DEADLY ADVICE will be published in March 2007!

In case you're wondering what I do with my spare time, check out the best little mystery conference around: the New England Crime Bake, to be held November 10-12 in Lowell, MA. I'm also busy working on the first ever New England Sisters in Crime calendar, featuring dozens of our members--New England's best crime writers. Take a look--all your holiday shopping problems will be solved!

Final Fore Book Cover
Meanwhile, you still have time to catch up on FAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. Cassie's appearing in a three-tour tournament at Pinehurst, NC, one of the jewels of the golf world. Although she's finally playing well, she's handicapped by her team, consisting of her estranged father and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Mike. If that's not bad enough, she's agreed to serve as maid of honor at a dear friend's wedding--practical, no-nonsense Cassie is now up to her ears in Pinehurst society wedding details. When the bride's father disappears, the chase is on...Read the first chapter. Fairway to Heaven - Book Cover

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