Final Fore
Roberta Isleib
Berkley Prime Crime, February 2005

Reviewer: John A. Broussard

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Only the most jaded of professional golfers wouldn’t feel an adrenaline surge when trying out for a spot in a U.S. open. Competent player though she is, Cassie Burdette has more than just the burden of competition to deal with. Already subject to anxiety attacks, she suddenly starts receiving anonymous harassing notes, needs to switch caddies at the last moment, and has an ex-lover, a tentative lover and her feuding family (mother and stepfather, father and stepmother) along to add to her trials and tribulations. The situation takes on an even worse turn when up-and-coming teenage player Amber Clancy collapses and dies on the course as a result of deliberate poisoning. For the golfing mystery reader, FINAL FORE is a gem. For those of us who don’t know the difference between a birdie and a divot, there is still much entertainment and intriguing information in these pages. The stress of competitive sports--with its promise of substantial financial reward--is well described, and the addition of a glossary is more than a little helpful. Isleib has given us a nice plot, fascinating descriptions of life in the golfing fast lane, and a complex and intriguing protagonist who is convinced that she may be the next target of Amber’s murderer.

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