Final Fore: 5th golfing mystery with Cassie Burdette

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Cassie Burdette has struggled to make good as a golfer - and finally is competing in the U.S. Women's Open. And as usual, life is not easy for her. Her best friend and caddy, Laura, is called away by her father's illness, Cassie's frighteningly realistic disfunctional family is all gathered around her and an invitation to compete in a Men's Tournament is making her famous in the wrong way. No wonder that Cassie has started to suffer from anxiety attacks.

Creepy e-mail communications from someone calling themself Ruleswhiz are also stressing her - is someone hostile stalking her? Security advises her that it might be someone Cassie knows!
But the topper is when celebrity teen golfer Amber Clancy collapses and dies soon after trying to talk to Cassie
about the detective work Cassie has stumbled into. Cassie suffers from regret that she did not make an effort to communicate better with the surprisingly vulnerable young girl. It was murder and who could have done it?
I love this series. The writing is charming and fresh, the plot fast paced and suspenseful and the characters and the action feel strikingly realistic and right. But it is Cassie Burdette that gets me into the story right away. She is so loveable and human and strives just so darn hard to improve her golf game and herself. A new reader will enjoy Final Fore but I find that seeing Cassie mature in each book in this series adds richer pleasure.
Very Highly recommended.

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