PUTT TO DEATH: A strong third mystery in the series, April 20, 20004

Reviewer: Debbie Lee Wesselmann
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Roberta Isleib's PUTT TO DEATH, the third golf-lover's mystery after SIX STROKES UNDER and A BURIED LIE, follows the further adventures of Cassie Burdette. Cassie has taken a position as "touring pro" at a Connecticut private club to supplement her falling income as she struggles with her professional golf game. Less than twenty-four hours after she begins work, she discovers the body of one of the club's esteemed members floating in a water hazard. One murder sets the club on edge, but, when a second body is discovered, the members and staff fear for their safety. Naturally, our heroine Cassie is more curious than afraid, and, despite complicated personal issues that threaten to distract her, she buckles down to solve the mystery of the deaths.

Isleib's pacing is genre-smooth - never rushed, never bogged down with unnecessary detail. Cassie has become even more likable in this newest addition to the series as her emotional baggage begins to weigh more than her golf bags. She is a gutsy, human character. The returning characters from previous titles - Mike, Joe, Laura - are equally memorable. Unfortunately, the characters specific to this mystery are less clearly drawn; they are identified primarily by name and position and less by who they are as people. With the exception of Cassie's roommate Megan and club member Elizabeth, the characters blend into one another, thus making it difficult for the reader to grasp the role each plays.

Although the resolution requires far too much explanation than was adequately prepared for, the ride to get there is so much fun that it hardly matters. I couldn't put this book down. Easy to read and equally full of tense moments, this mystery makes great vacation or weekend reading. You don't need to read Isleib's previous efforts to enjoy this one, although it can't hurt.

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