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getting published

Getting published is a big challenge but you may find some helpful advice on finding an agent, avoiding fiction mistakes, writing the dreaded synopsis, overcoming writer's block, and more, by clicking on the links below.

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Finding an Agent

I don't have a magic formula for this subject.

However, I did find an agent and she did sell my book to a publisher. None of it came easily or quickly. I studied Elizabeth Lyon's The Sell Your Novel Toolkit and Jeff Herman's Writer's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents. I contacted agents who had interests like mine (mystery, sports, psychology), or who had some feature in their personal background that made me think we might connect. I hired an independent editor to give me fairly inexpensive but useful feedback on my manuscript-she directed me to several agents. I attended mystery conventions and talked with people there about the process. I attended the International Women's Writers Guild "Meet the Agents" forum in New York City. I groveled in front of everyone I even remotely knew connected with the publishing business. And I suffered through multiple rejections and shouldered gamely forward, my skin toughening by the hour.

The following websites have helpful information on this topic:

Mystery author Susan Hubbard's site has an excellent article on writing a great query letter.

SFWA - lists of agents, news about who's good, who's looking, who's hot, tips for cover letters and more

Making Light--a blog entry on getting an agent

Preditors and Editors

Todd Pierce's nine tips for finding an agent

Todd Pierce's advice on finding an agent in the Internet age

For more on writing and finding agents, click here. - a free source where writers can find and connect with literary agents.

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